My name is Aaron Dalton.

I am a writer. 

I tell stories.

Those stories can take many forms - from book-length case studies to succinct tweets.

Through it all, I rely on imagination to inform, entertain or persuade your target audience.

I've had the privilege of working with a diverse group of more than 100 clients - multinational consulting firms, boutique advertising agencies, communications agencies, PR firms, foundations, non-profits, magazines (both consumer and B2B), small businesses and giant corporations.

You can find the details in my CV.

Here are a few of my many published clips:

  • A roundup of 8 office perks that Johnson & Johnson uses to make its employees healthier and happier at work.

  • An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review showing how nonprofit organization Room to Read created more than 5,000 libraries in eight years to foster greater literacy from Cambodia to Zambia.  

  • A case study for consulting firm Watson Wyatt on Indonesian Bank Danamon used employee opinion surveys to strengthen leadership, improve employee satisfaction, reduce attrition and raise its appeal to new recruits

  • An article for IBM Systems magazine showing how more efficient mainframe computers can help companies process greater amounts of data with less energy. That's better for the environment, and also better for the bottom line.   

Have a story that you want to tell? A message you want to communicate? An idea you need to explore?

Contact me today and let's get started.